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Presentation Skills Sydney: Agenda

Presentation skills agenda for my programs in Sydney: Presentation Mastery.

Agenda for Presentation Skills Sydney

Here is a typical agenda for my presentation skills program in Sydney:

1. What makes a good presenter
2. How will you know you are a better presenter
3. Confidence: Your body changes your mind
4. Confidence: Stories to inform and entertain
5. Confidence: Structures to support you
6. Closing presentations

Interactive and active day

Most of the day is presenting in small groups and receiving feedback about what you’re doing well from the group, and then specific feedback from Cindy about things you can try doing differently.

Learning is iterative and layered (you’ve tried this, now try this, now try both).

Presentation Skills day 2 Agenda

The program includes a 45 day email follow up with video, articles and quotes to remind participants of to apply what they have learnt

I also run a two day Presentation Mastery in-house for organisations. It takes the above agenda and adds in answering questions, catering to learning styles, and dealing with distracted audiences.

And coaching

I also do 1:1 coaching with leaders who don’t have time to take a whole day out of their world. Click here to schedule a ten minute call to find out if what I offer suits your agenda and outcomes. Or call me now: +61 2 8007 4535

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