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Presenting like a leader

Leading is hard. Presenting ideas clearly, communicating your vision and making sure it’s understood is a really important part of that.

Here is a useful summary of the important things for presenting like a leader. The 5 tips outlined are:

  • start strong
  • choose one theme
  • give good examples
  • use conversational language
  • finish strong

But leading isn’t just about presenting, it’s also about being present.  Links to some other great ideas on leadership

  • the book The Third Space by Dr Adam Fraser (an Aussie PhD) which is all about the space between work and home (or between any two contexts) and how important it is so that you as a leader, mother, brother, whatever, can be fully present when you’re with the one you’re with. Here’s a video of him explaining it
  • Atul Gawande’s talk about coaching and why it’s important for leaders
  • We make judgements in the first few seconds of meeting someone:  here’s some info on thin slicing: jump forward to the heading Beyond Personality to see the results of research with teachers/professors. Thin slicing is more entertainingly dealt with in Gladwell’s Blink.

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