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Office Politics: You don’t have to play but you have to know the rules to stay off the field

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Office Politics: You need to know the rules to stay off the field. How to get along, what works, what doesn’t. 52 tips.


Office Politics. If you’re not playing politics, then you’re being played.

Every thing you do has a meaning. People are meaning making machines.

Find out the rules to office politics, acquire some political acumen, before the game runs you over, and you wonder why someone didn’t explain it to you yet!

Without exception people say they hate politics in organisations.

And it’s inevitable wherever more than 2 people hang out. The more people you have, the more agenda you have. The more agenda the more someone will want their way over someone else’s.

So office politics is inevitable. Find out some of the rules so you can stay out of it. If you’re not playing you’re probably being played right now.

This book comprises 13 sections, each one with a few tips. The sections are:

  • How to use this book
  • Know who cares about what
  • Press the right buttons
  • Be positive
  • Take charge of your own career
  • Be you
  • Get Time
  • Help and be helped
  • Know people
  • Know the political
  • Be known
  • “Love” yourself
  • Pay attention to Context
  • Recover

Word Count: 9922 words

Pages: 45

PDF format.