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Smarter change

Street epistemology

I had the distinct pleasure of hearing about a new methodology this week. Street epistemology.

I listened to the podcast You are Not So Smart, and liked what I heard.

With so much polarisation evident in the world, and the despair i feel when i hear people entrenching their beliefs even further, this is a ray of hope.

My friends are unfriending others on Facebook or Linked In for expressing their opinions. We know that arguing with them won’t work. Adam Grant’s latest book, Think Again argues for the need for us to be more “scientists” than preachers or proselytisers. And street epistemology shows that minds do change from conversations, but not if the conversations judge or condemn someone for their opinions.

This podcast takes you through a step-by-step conversation in street epistemology land. They talk about how belonging trumps accuracy – if I fit into this group I will change my mind, even at the expense of accuracy.

There’s more on the methodology here.

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