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Toxic Leaders and CEOs

I’m researching to write my own article for Human Capital Magazine on how to deal with Toxic CEOs, here are some goodies I’ve found.

This Harvard Business Review article for coaches of CEOs categorises Toxic CEOs into 4 categories:

  • narcissist
  • manic-depressive
  • passive-aggressive
  • emotionally disconnected

The guidelines are for coaches, not individuals working for the CEO, but there are some useful ideas.

This article looks at the problem from the perspective of the Toxic Environment caused by the Toxic CEO. And here in this article are some statistics about behaviours such toxic environments  (50% of people have been bullied by a boss, 95% of bullying is witnessed by others). And here is how to deal with bullies in general (really useful stuff)!

Forbes takes a more pragmatic angle in 4 types of toxic bosses and how to handle them. The four types and how to work with them are:

  • slacker : volunteer to help and take the projects you love)
  • land mine : work around their flash points
  • egomaniac : no unnecessary compliments or attention and keep a paper trail of your own accomplishments
  • Michael Scott/David Brent from The Office – take pity, include them, then get back to work.

Happy Reading!

The article I wrote is here.

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