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Smarter change

Work With Your Strengths

When I wrote the books in the Consultant’s Guide series about marketing without cold calling I did so because not only did I hate cold calling, I constantly got questions in seminars about “how do I get over my fear of cold calling”.

What I have discovered from talking with people and from being in my own business for a while now (16 years in November!), is that you don’t have to get over the fear. You just have to do something else which you don’t fear. Business has always magically appeared for me, and now I’m noticing how long the lead times can be (and how haphazard: chance meetings, favours done for friends, freebies for not for profits…).

So check out this Change This Manifesto from David Rendall, who has packaged the idea of working to your strengths as “Freak Factor“.

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