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Coffee and lunches sell work

How do you build your consulting practice?

Analysing my own business stats it’s lunches and coffees, especially when I have down time, which keep me going. People I worked with 20 years ago, friends of friends, people who are resigning from clients and thinking about consulting… people who come into my radar. A lot of my leads come from there.

I talk about this more in the Market your consultancy without cold calling and in Ten (more) ways to promote your consultancy as well as the Consultants’ Companion (which includes a marketing audit).
You can download the marketing audit here.
Who haven’t you had coffee with lately? Who else could you have coffee with?
I also keep in touch with people by inviting them to my art exhibitions and improv shows. I invite clients, friends and old friends bringing more people and ideas into my personal and professional life.
What kind of events bring your clients back into your sphere?

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