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Career-Limiting Moves: 1

I collect Career Limiting Moves (CLMs). It’s a strange hobby, I know!

There used to be an article on CLMs at the end of a link which is broken now. (I’d like to say that not maintaining your web site links is a CLM in itself, but I know worlds change!)

That phantom article listed:

  1. Being Drunk on Duty
  2. Avoiding tasks
  3. Malicious gossip
  4. Creating insoluble ultimatums
  5. Non-performing
  6. Unkempt appearance
  7. Associating with the wrong people
  8. Inappropriate Jocularity
  9. Histrionics

But here’s a new list, where the link exists (for now). In summary, they suggest it’s a career limiting move to:

  1. Not knowing your place
  2. Perpetually coming in late
  3. Not speaking Swahili (if your boss is from Swaziland)
  4. Constant complaining
  5. Getting too drunk at social functions
  6. Not participating in office social functions
  7. Not identifying rocket ships
  8. Taking all your vacation too soon
  9. Calling in sick on Friday (or Monday)
  10. Never volunteering for extra work
  11. Overestimating your abilities
  12. Interoffice romance
  13. Jumping ship too soon

What’s your favourite?

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