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Smarter change

In case of nerves…

If you ever find yourself a little nervous before a presentation, interview or client meeting, then here’s a remedy. It shows you how to take on characteristics of confidence, calm, serenity, whatever you need. It’s all in this powerpoint slide show.

I made this when I was teaching NLP years ago. It’s not as good as having a practitioner with you to guide you through, but if you already have the basics of self-hypnosis or if you’re willing to play, the swish could change your life. Today it would be much a more swanky presentation, and powerpoint has certainly has evolved in the last ten years, but it does the trick.

The pattern is  called a swish. Click here to download the powerpoint show and follow the instructions therein!

Essentially the swish makes your identity stronger. If you want to be more confident, more patient, more lively, more calm, the swish will help you do that. Client have used it to stick to diets, get out of bed and exercise and even to stick with a job they hate for 4 more weeks (only recommended for short-term use!). I use it to be more confident on stage.

What will you use it for?

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