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Smarter change

Don’t quit your job yet!

Nothing scheduled at the moment for this seminar

So many consultants make silly mistakes that others have made. Don’t be that consultant! Join me on the Vital must-dos before you quit your job online seminar

It runs on Thursday this week.

Here’s Alan’s story: “I had wanted to run my own consultancy for years. There was always a reason not to – a holiday, a promotion, maybe my own uncertainty.

I wasn’t really satisfied with my job, but taking the plunge seemed never quite right. Too many things could go wrong.

But once I found out these “Must-dos” I was much more comfortable in my skin.

Since learning about the must-dos, I’ve gone

FROM: Uncertain

TO: Determined

FROM: Hesitating and wanting to wait “one more year”

TO: Clear, light-hearted and excited about the next steps!

FROM: waiting for the right time

TO: paving the way for myself.

I could achieve this shift because I learnt the must-dos.

This made all the difference to me and it can to you as well”.

So if you’d like to be like Alan, the online seminar is Safety net and trampoline: The vital must-dos before you quit your job

On this live online training, limited to 10 participants, you’ll discover:

  • The number one thing to do so you feel safe
  • 3 questions you must be clear on
  • How to start the marketing ball rolling without risking your current role
  • When it’s smart to start

Alan’s career and more importantly his life completely turned around with this information.

Now its your turn!

Come along and get clear!

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