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Smarter change

They’re not idiots, they’re just not you

I’m a fan of using type tools to give teams insight into what often seem like startling facts to them:

  1. that behaviours and preferences are kind of predictable within a model, and
  2. how you choose to do things isn’t necessarily what other people choose, and that doesn’t make them an idiot.

I love the Enneagram, MBTI and DiSC for these reasons (plus a plethora of metaprograms).

So when one of my favourite management thinkers, Adam Grant, says the MBTI is dead, I’m curious to see why. His argument is around validity and reliability. While that is super important it doesn’t change the 2 outcomes above that I’m shooting for when I use a typology of some sort, so I’ll probably use whatever the client asks for.

He suggests the Big 5 or HEXACO are a better alternative. I’m off to explore it!

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