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Smarter change

Leadership and Comfort 

Really enjoyed this Knowledge Project podcast with Diana Chapman, a leadership coach with a strong kinesthetic preference. She talks about BQ (body quotient), being comfortable with being uncomfortable and the full body “yes” (which i believe is a congruency signal by another name). 

She also talks about Karpman’s Drama Triangle  and its use in family, couple and business interactions. 

My favourite reframe is 

I would rather be learning than right  

For her,  being righteous is being stuck. 

Very useful as I start back into doing live training in leadership right now!! What a glorious time to be able to help others be more themselves. 

She also discusses talking about “facts” and “stories” as a way to make the invisible visible e.g. The fact is you were late. The story i’m making up is that you don’t prioritise me over your pilates class, and that means you don’t value me.

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