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Management Secrets

Managing people is not easy. So I’ve been gathering some great ideas for you.

Management is helping people do what they did yesterday,  but faster and cheaper

Seth Godin
  • Management Secrets: Core Beliefs of Great Bosses outlines some important concepts (including “my employees are my peers, not my children”).
  • Stop asking your direct reports “How can I help you?”. Here’s why.
  • Carl Braun on Communicating Like a Grown-Up is a very rational, logical approach to managing people which works
  • It has been said that the quality of your questions determines the quality of your life. These 5 Questions You’ll Need to Settle Workplace Disagreements from 99U will improve the quality of your working life!
  • This podcast from Seth Godin outlines some magnificent results from an eye hospital in India on being faster, cheaper and better

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