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Vulnerability makes you strong!

Vulnerability in others we see as courageous. Vulnerability in ourselves we see as weakness.

You can build team through helping them show their vulnerabilities to each other. So says this piece from TED.

If you haven’t yet caught up on the power of vulnerability go check out Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability. It is a quiet, reflective piece.

Here are some highlights for me:

Blame is a way to discharge pain.

Whole hearted” people:

  • have the courage to be imperfect
  • are compassionate enough to be kind to yourself first and then to others
  • connect with others authentically (who they are, not who they think they should be)
  • fully embrace vulnerability – my vulnerability makes me beautiful (and strong)

We are imperfect. We are wired for struggle. Unconditional love is recognising this in others, and loving them anyway.

Worth a look if you want to be uplifted or just reflective. It’s a Ted video, so less than 15 minutes.

And try this link on healthy relationships through vulnerability too.

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