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Smarter change


You know what, there are always 2 types of people. Which type are you? and how does that interact with your stakeholder?

And here’s another one of my posts on people types.

Here’s a great overview of MBTI, Enneagram, OCEAN/Big 5, Self-monitoring and a few others. There’s not a lot of love in the academic community for MBTI.

This post from Yale University “debunking” VAK learning styles (or VARK as they call them) also lists a series of metaprograms applicable to learning, which is very cool. I particularly like convergers vs. divergers, verbalizers vs. imagers, holists vs. serialists, adaptors vs. innovators, assimilators vs. explorers, non-committers vs. plungers, inductives/successive processors vs. deductives/simultaneous processors. I’m not a big fan of their A versus B style, it’s sometimes a continuum, not a black and white thing. But then that’s just my own metaprograms coming through, isn’t it?

I love metaprograms so much, I’ve made a tag for them. Go look!

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