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Smarter change

Power poses aren’t just about standing powerfully on both feet, with your energy reaching up, down and out when presenting.

If you want to be powerful then prime yourself for a meeting, a presentation or even just a conversation with your boss by “hacking” your brain

Amy Cuddy’s TED talk below summarises some research that says standing like wonder woman, doing “dominant” gestures and poses increases your confidence levels.

It also decreases your fear, increasing your tolerance for risk. My tip: do it in the bathroom or the photocopying room, not on stage!

Try it out, I’d be keen to hear more about your triumphs!


p.s. I’d advise against using those kind of dominance moves on a platform, unless you’ve practiced it… but priming yourself to be confident can’t hurt, right?

p.p.s. So far no one has been able to replicate Amy Cuddy’s research (which was only on a sample size of 21). See here. I’d be keen to hear what your experience and how well it works for you.

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