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11: Sachin Kumar: Smart is the new sexy

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11: Sachin Kumar: Smart is the new sexy

Sachin Kumar’s most important value is problem-solving. He wants the work he does to add value to the business.

Here’s his linked in profile. It was a great pleasure to have him on the podcast today. 

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Some of the key ideas he discusses:

  • how smart is the new sexy
  • why business acumen matters in a data analyst / decision scientist
  • Einstein’s idea: if I have an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes understanding the question
  • the importance of mirroring the client’s language back to them when explaining a solution (this is a fundamental of rapport: see here)
  • what makes a data scientist succeed or fail
  • why being smarter isn’t always better
  • who owns data science – is it IT, Business, Consulting? 
  • the gap between the business and data science and what needs to happen with it
  • how values power his day and help him manage time
  • why we should be solving the problems which are a priority for the business 
  • why he’s given up reading books
  • his dream to be a travelling problem-solver
  • his advice to prospective data scientists (don’t fall in love with super-hero tech!)
  • why you should ask all 20 questions next time you play that game

Interesting side ideas

Here are the links:

  • And the comic Holmes and Watson

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