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Rapport matters

Rapport matters: what do you need to have in common with  your client?

What do you already have in common?

Do you need to learn to play ping pong, golf or drink beer to fit in with your team, boss or client? You don’t have to be a carbon copy of them. You can keep your essence. People who are like each other like each other so find out how you’re alike (or create a way that you are!).

If there’s a hobby you can take up that helps why not try it?

Here are some tips on how to make friends and get on with people. The best predictor of work team success is how the team members feel about each other.

The Neuro-linguistic programming version of rapport (matching and mirroring, pacing and leading) is here. One of my clients calls the verbal version of rapport “suck, suck, stab” (i.e. say two nice things then ask for what you want). He’s mostly right i guess! A video version of getting people onboard for presentations is here.

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