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Smarter change

Presenting with charisma

Developing Charisma is an important element in leading and influencing. This video outlines some keys

Here are some of the tips they outline:

  • use go to stories 
  • act out the characters from your stories
  • be comfortable with self-deprecating humour
  • jokingly elevate others (rather than elevating yourself and putting them down)
  • use body language
  • double down on other people’s jokes (this is the improviser’s yes and)
  • be genuine and share your emotions

The video uses John Krasinski interviews on talk shows to illustrate their points. Well worth a watch. 

And from the same people, How to be effortlessly charming

The keys they outline are:

  • Beaming and frequent smile
  • Building other people up
  • Raising the energy in the room
  • Listening actively – repeating other people’s phrases (with enthusiasm).

Worth practising.

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