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Say Sorry to get on better with clients

Say sorry. It can be tricky.

There are plenty of ways not to say sorry, some of them funnier than others. I’ve written posts on this before.

How not to do it

Sorry Not Sorry: How to Non-Apologize is a comedian’s perspective on apologising. It tells you how to say sorry without really apologising.

show no self-awareness regarding your actions, and absolutely no real remorse”.

For more bad apologies check this out.

How to say sorry

And here is a Seth Godin perspective on the two key elements of a good apology: compassion and contrition.

Deborah Tannen, a linguist, outlines the:

six traits of an effective apology. You must express regret, explain what went wrong, acknowledge responsibility, declare repentance, offer a solution and request forgiveness.

And in this article there’s a discussion of the tendency for women to apologise, and the article asks why we stigmatise it: essentially apologising is a form of empathy, so why is it bad?

I’ve written a step-by-step on saying sorry here.

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