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Scavenger Hunt

Offsites and away days are even more fun when you give people a cool scavenger hunt. This one is aimed at people dating, and it could just as easily work for a small team to do together (or a series of small teams).

I have created versions of scavenger hunts for specific teams and specific team outcomes. I particularly like a photographic scavenger hunt. This works particularly well where the site of the offsite is new to the participants, so they can explore and do relevant activities at the same time. it’s the accumulation of fun work-related experiences which builds team. Try asking people to find or make images:

  • representing corporate or team values
  • showing where we are now and where we want to be
  • the team “flying” or “working” or “jumping” or whatever buzz word you like

I find it works well to have them text the image to a central point so the powerpoint projection of answers gives more delight to the larger team. Also allows you to gauge where people are up to (some will do this really quickly, some will take forever, but you’ll want them all back at the same time for the next session, right?

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And here for more ideas you can use.

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