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Ask better questions

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We ask questions to better understand:

  • the business problem
  • what the business will do differently
  • what business decision or action will result
  • the critical timeframes

So we can:

  • scope the project and outputs required
  • be clear about what deliverable(s) we will commit to
  • plan and commit to timeframes

But it’s not as easy as giving people a formula or a script. Part of asking excellent questions and getting the context to serve the problem and the client better is understanding how to put the client in a place where they feel comfortable revealing information.

Asking better questions gives you skills around rapport from a logical and emotional perspective, gives tools and ideas for customising your questions and your rhythm to get clear and useful answers to your questions.

It’s not just about asking questions. It’s about getting useful information from the questions that you do ask.

This is a half day program for up to 20 participants, in person or remotely.

We can customise the program to your team

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