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Offsites and away days Facilitation

$4,297.00 incl GST


Facilitation of an offsite or away day. Work smarter, faster and nicer.

This is for a 2-hour facilitation, with all of the pre-work (around 8 hours of preparation goes into a 2 hour program). Please talk to Cindy before buying.


Offsites and away days to  help your team work smarter, faster and nicer.

Your team needs to get together.

They need to thrash out some ideas.

You need to solve some issues with employee engagement, productivity, throughput, customer issues.

Talk to Cindy.

Online or in person.

Talk to Cindy to find out if what you need corresponds with what she can do.

Plenty of tips here on how to maximise your value from the day.

Minimum 2 hour session. The length of time depends on the level of alignment in your team, how frequently you currently meet, whether or not you currently pay attention to the meta-team issues in your regular team events. Many things!!  Talk to Cindy.

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Facilitation of an offsite or away day for max 2 hours