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Keep your Consultancy running smoothly

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Keep your consultancy running smoothly. The templates, tools, systems you need to prosper.


So now you’ve set up your consulting business, you know a few people, and everything is humming along.

This book gives you tips on

  • selling your services
  • putting together proposals
  • understanding your needs in contracts
  • getting your accounts together
  • getting the right advice.

It also looks at ways you can keep up the maintenance on the greatest asset in your consulting business – you.

There’s a bonus explanation for the essential business templates you need to run your business. Each element is described step-by-step, with Cindy Tonkin’s classic stories from the real world of consulting.

More than 7000 consultants used the  Consultant’s Guide to set up their consultancy profitably and painlessly since the first edition came out in 1999.  If you would like to buy all of the books, then purchase the Consultant’s  Guide Series.

No of words: 17,718

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