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Market your Consultancy without Cold Calling

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Market your consultancy without cold calling! 14 ideas to help you get in front of the right buyers now.


Market your consultancy without cold calling!

If you want to sell your consulting services, but you are really afraid of cold calling, then this is the book for you.

This book outlines 14 ways to promote your consulting business without cold calling. It features methods which:

  • rely on your existing contacts
  • build new contacts
  • are fast, cheap and easy
  • longer term investments.

Each method is described step-by-step, with Cindy Tonkin’s classic stories from the real world of consulting.

The Australian Consultant’s Guide was published in 1999 and sold more than 7000 copies. In 2014 the book was separated into a number of shorter e-books, so that you can buy just the parts you need. You can buy in pdf or kindle edition.

If you would like to buy all of the books, then purchase the Consultant’s  Guide Series.

No of words: 38,704

Includes a sample chapter of book 1: I want to be a Consultant

Learn more about the author, Cindy Tonkin, here.