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Social media fasting and email bankruptcy… can you do it?

There are those who think that the internet has taken over. If you’re feeling a little sad because of the curated lives you see on Linked in or Facebook, overwhelmed by your inbox or just tired, consider these ideas: Email bankruptcy and Social Media Fasting.

  • Social Media Fasting is just not doing social media for a few days or weeks periodically – take it off your telephone or impose a personal rule. I spend less time on facebook now that I’ve made a personal rule to only post via instagram, unless I have a specific crowd-sourcing question for my friends. I get notifications on facebook-friend-clients, friends who are going through particular issues (holidays, babies, sick parents and partners). I also get notifications on private facebook groups I am part of.
  • Email bankruptcy is more radical: could you do it? Your out of office says you will delete all emails in your inbox when you return from holidays, and asking people to recontact you when you’re back.

Both ideas came from this article: How I Finally Went Cold Turkey From Working On Vacation

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