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Smarter change

Story works

Part of being a great leader, a great influencer and a force to be reckoned with is telling stories. Here are Nine Video Clips of Business Leaders Sharing Business Stories. See what you think.

“Story is worth about $1 trillion a year to the US economy. So organizations are embracing the story ethic…”

Dan Pink, A Whole New Mind, 2005

Check out this article from the Edinburgh festival 2009 chronicling the rise in story telling for adults. It’s not quite stand up, it’s a single person on stage taking you on a journey!!

Here’s a lovely animation on The Neurochemistry of Empathy, Storytelling, and the Dramatic Arc Worth a quick view

And finally the un-dramatic plot structures (to avoid)

  • Ignoring the monster – the hero is confronted by a monster whom he ignores until it goes away
  • Erroneous accusation – protag is accused of wrong doing but it’s not a big deal and it all gets sorted out
  • Enigma unsolved – protag faced with a problem. it’s really really difficult so she forgets about it
  • Diminishing desire – protag wants something. he really wants it. but by dinner he’s forgotten all about it…

Here’s something around story for science which may be of use.

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