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Teams Who Share Personal Stories Are More Effective

Want a more effective team? One who produces quality work?

Storytelling leads to self-awareness.

from Teams Who Share Personal Stories Are More Effective.

And twin this with this Tribal Leadership concept – at each stage what stories do they tell?

Colour that with this Harvard research showing that the quality of food in a kitchen improved when the cooks could see the people for whom they were making food. Dan Pink suggests this means we need more conversations about why and fewer conversations about how. As long as the word why is linked to a purpose or outcome (not the “why can’t I?” or “why didn’t you?” conversation).

Stories in effect created psychological safety… research at Google in 2012 showed that psychological safety is the number-one predictor of which work teams perform best

So says this article on story as a legal performance enhancing substitute feature AFL footballers.

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