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What are the keys to being creative? How can you get more bang for your creativity buck?

There is a lot of research on this, and if you’ve read Jonah Lehrer’s book (dodgy journalism aside), you know all about this.

Here are some practical things you can do

Creativity: Do some things outside your normal

Try something outside your norm. Here’s Steve Jobs on Creativity summarised by Farnam Street. The article says broad life (and educational) experiences gives you more to draw on for creativity. So get out from behind that desk and do something that isn’t what you’ve already done.

Calligraphy is the Steve Jobs experience that everyone always quotes. But what about improvisation, making artist’s books or singing (they’re my hobbies!). Or cooking, rock climbing or bridge.  Try salsa. Go look at a community college catalogue. Tempt yourself with something out of your ordinary. If you’re already a creative try investmentIT or a new language.

I’m off to enrol!

Creativity: disagree!

And here’s something that you don’t usually think of in relation to creativity. Argue. Say no. Disagree!

This article talks about the disharmonies and disagreements between the Beatles, the Wright Brothers and even Jobs and Wozniak.

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