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Presentation Coaching and Training Testimonials

You’ve worked hard to get here!

You have a wealth of knowledge to impart
Make sure the audience is listening

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Manage yourself better

Feel nervous when you present?

Collapse under questioning?

Worry that they will notice your voice wobble?

Feel confident but sure you could be even better?


  • Move with purpose
  • Learn how to tell great stories
  • Be more yourself when you present
  • Master Presentation doubts
  • Eliminate the sleepless nights before


I absolutely loved your course, it was so beneficial to me. I have had an epiphany and now think completely differently about presenting and even talking to people.


Yesterday I had to present my work to the company, and as nervous as I was beforehand, it went SO much better than expected! Several people even commented that they had no idea I was nervous!


I had to do a presentation at the Marketing Strategy meet in front of the GM and his whole team, and I did it! I enjoyed the whole experience, had loads of questions from the audience and felt totally engaged with them. I even got told at the end of the day that I was probably the best presenter!


The energy you create in the room and your ability to engage each of the participants and have us all engaging and practicing our skills in such a short time is nothing short of brilliance!

Sharon Valks, Data Coordinator Information and Support, Cancer Programs Division, Cancer Council NSW

some very useful techniques and enjoyed the fact that we didn’t stick to a theoretical program, and instead the training was specific to our needs and our particular clients

Account Manager, Major Travel Multi-National

addressed our agendas as opposed to just running it out of the textbook

Account Manager, Major Travel Multi-national

Cindy’s techniques can be applied almost immediately as they are based on common situations

Account Manager, Major Travel Multi-national

Great – simple actions that really work!

Manager, Community Housing Company

Content, flow & energy were exceptional. The feedback I got from a lot of people was that she is a good fit for [us] and shares excellent knowledge.

Account Manager, Major Travel Multi-national (in an email to his HR/L&D business partner)

Just wanted to let you know [your techniques] worked wonderfully in getting my son out of bed this morning. So now you can say, not only is it good in presentations and dealing with colleagues, but it works with preschoolers too

Nurse Educator, Fertility Clinic (and proud mother of a difficult pre-schooler)

After the presentation, my boss leaned over and said emphatically – “That was fantastic! I have never seen you present so well”

Mary, World-Class Researcher

I’ve had to present a lot since the presentation course, so I thank you so much for all your help. I still get really nervous beforehand, but apparently it doesn’t show – so I’m sticking with that!

Kirstin, Nurse

I have taken beta blockers before presenting major research results for more than 20 years (for the nervousness). Now I don’t.

Anne, World-Class Researcher

I have made presentations for 25 years and never lacked confidence. But Cindy gave me a few simple tips to improve my physicality and voice, but more importantly showed me how to connect better with my audience. Even if you are a good presenter, Cindy will make you great!

Cate, Entrepreneur

Even knowing it would be brilliant, Presentation Mastery exceeded my expectations. If you’re a good presenter, Cindy will make you great. If you lack confidence, you will see a transformation in your ability to be heard and respected.


I really loved the course last week. Have to say I heard about you many times, and it is great to see the praise being very well deserved.I really loved the course last week. Have to say I heard about you many times, and it is great to see the praise being very well deserved.


I definitely noticed your methods gave me more confidence. I actually enjoyed giving the presentation. I felt in control!


Cindy has a great ability to share exceptional knowledge. I would recommend this course to anyone who presents on a regular basis.