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Work Smarter: Training programs for Political Acumen

Political acumen is not something people naturally have. See here some symptoms of a lack of political acumen in your otherwise high-functioning team.

If you know you have a problem, we can fix it.

I run public training and in-house programs. We can customise your in-house training to suit your team, your budget and your outcomes.

Here are my key programs:

  • Presentation Mastery: you’ve worked hard to get here: make sure your audience is listening. Especially for smart and technical people presenting to boards, leadership teams or potential clients
  • Make a No Sound like a Yes: deal with scope creep, inappropriate candour, working harder and longer than you should.
  • Managerial Courage: a workshop on leadership success, using comedic improvisation games for breakthroughs in thinking and behaviour
  • Custom workshops on demand.

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