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Smarter change

What you wear matters

Clothing matters.

Clothes maketh the man, they say. Woman too.

Consider an image consultant. I saw my first image consultant in 1994, and she has saved me thousands of dollars in previously unworn and “orphaned” clothing. She has also saved me so much angst: whenever I have a significant event (a wedding, a keynote, a casual barbeque), I drop in to her store and get something that works.

Susan used to be a nurse.

The hospital created a new position and invited her to fill it. Because she was the first person to fill the role, she knew that how she dressed on the first day would make a difference.

She bought a well-tailored navy suit and a crisp white shirt. She wore small heels.

She wanted to mark the position as a management position.

Had she turned up in her normal nurse’s kit, with her no nonsense shoes, she believes she wouldn’t be where she is today, running a hospital.

What you wear matters.

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