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Writing better

If you spend more than half of your day processing emails from customers, you’re basically a professional writer (yes, think about it!).

There are two big reasons to be more effective as a writer.

  1. Failure Demand – your failure to communicate creates more work for yourself and others. They have to come back to clarify, they do the wrong thing and you have to fix it, they don’t respond because they are confused and you have to follow up. So get better at writing
  2. Because it is your personal brand: don’t you want to be known as someone who is clear, concise and smart, not confusing, flip-floppy and obscure?

Try this free online course from Dan Pink (one of my favourite business writers).

And here is even more about winning with email – it’s succinct and useful.

This poem will drive you crazy with its English words that are just not consistent!

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