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Smarter change

You need time!

Politically astute people put their time where it matters most. And if they don’t have enough time, they choose the right things to keep and the right things to delegate or drop.

You need to ensure that you are doing the things that make your boss or clients more likely to see you as a top operator. Ask yourself what you’re doing that that makes no difference to anything or anyone.

If you’re short of time that’ll take some deciding. Consider this option:

Get rid of your Good work and focus on the Great Work.

This is an idea from Michael Bungay Stanier. His premise is that the world of work (indeed the whole world) would be better if we cut out the busy work and concentrated on doing Great work, not just Good Work.

Go visit his site and watch the video on Great Work. Or buy his book.

Michael’s an Australian Rhodes Scholar who lives in Toronto. We had a drink at a faciliators conference in Vancouver. He took notes on a paper napkin. He walks his talk.

You should too.

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