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Smarter change

What is worth measuring

What is worth measuring? Is what we’re measuring worth measuring, or just easier to measure?

Historian and author Jerry Muller of Catholic University talks about his latest book, The Tyranny of Metrics, with EconTalk podcast host Russ Roberts.

Muller argues that public policy and management are overly focused on measurable outcomes as a measure of success. This leads to organizations and agencies over-focusing on metrics rather than their broader mission. The conversation includes applications to education, crime, and health care.

Don’t replace judgement with metrics (use both)
What’s with measuring? What we can measure easily can’t always give us what we need
The whole point of intimacy is that it relies on the fact that our inner thoughts and feelings are not obvious to most people most of the time

Well worth listening to.

Pair it with the podcast from the professional poker player.

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