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Smarter data people Podcast: What’s in it for you?

Want to build your personal brand, evangelise your personal insights on how to live a productive life, share your productivity hacks? Have you learnt valuable lessons in your career on dealing with clients, running meetings or managing corporate politics more effectively?

Smarter Data People Podcast is about working smarter

My Smarter Data People podcast talks with leaders in data science about how they work smarter, faster and nicer.

If you’re building a reputation in the field of leadership, in data science and in the decision sciences, if you’re ambitious, this is a forum for showcasing your level of expertise in the softer skills.

If you’re trying to convince your team of the importance of certain ideas, then this is a chance to talk about it at length.

You can enhance AND protect your reputation

It’s not about how you work, so no corporate secrets will be revealed.

Your organisation doesn’t get a mention (unless you choose to mention it).

That said if you need to run it by corporate comms then we record, edit out what you don’t want anyone else to hear, and then we send it to them for approval. It takes weeks for them to get back to us, and it’s easier when they have an actual piece to listen to (otherwise they imagine all kinds of things which aren’t true about what we might say!).

In any case, you always get final cut, we can bleep or edit things out at any point in the process, so you can feel that you’re doing the right thing.

Logistical Details for the Smarter Data People Podcast

There’s a set of preliminary questions here, and we go where you want to go, and stay away from anything you don’t want to touch on.

If you’re a data science leader, I’d love to have you on the podcast. Contact me here and we can make a time!

Where? At my office on Martin Place, or at yours if you have a quiet space in Sydney. We can also do it by video conference, for which you will need a proper microphone (the one built into your PC won’t be good enough, unfortunately). Or we can set up a time for when I’m in your city.

I’m flexible, and I’d love to chat about any questions you have.

If we have friends in common then you know how to find me. If not, click here and make a time for us to speak by phone.

Episodes of the podcast so far are here.

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