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Aaron Artery on Smarter Data People Podcast

Values matter: Aaron Artery is a decision scientist, and head of Customer Crunch. He’s always entertaining and endlessly evolving and learning.

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aaron artery

Aaron talks about

  • being an evangelist of decision science
  • the importance of planning in his world
  • he now lives and breathes his values, and it means he loves working even more (in a good way)
  • outsourcing the management of his exercise
  • how to find useful things to read
  • being in the enviable position of not wanting another customer and  how it was a boon to his business to “fly under the radar”
  • his career path from call centre to “big idea”
  • why he asks for forgiveness, not permission
  • the three dimensions he uses to explain things to customers
  • what he looks for when he hires data scientists
  • when he says no to potential customers, and how he does that

For more links see the podcast episode here.

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