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Elizabeth Moore on Smarter Data People Podcast

Elizabeth Moore is on my podcast this week.

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sidney minassian

Elizabeth Moore is a world-class leader of Insights and Analytics teams in large corporations. I am honoured to have spent some time with her talking about what makes for smarter data people.

Liz speaks about:

  • Working in a meeting-rich environment
  • Her routine as a Senior Manager in a complex corporate environment
  • Why data professionals get arrested in their careers (and how not to)
  • The importance of fueling curiosity
  • How the best relationships are forged in disaster
  • How she keeps up with her professional development
  • The importance of the meeting before the meeting
  • Why she seeks “consulting” skills in insight professionals and is hiring ex-Strategy consultants because they have what it takes to get to the “next level” with insights

For more links see the podcast episode here.

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