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Smarter change

Are you blogging yet?

Tom Peters says it’s the “best darn marketing” he ever did. Seth Godin says it makes you think better. It’s free, and you have all the resources you need to do it.  Are you blogging yet?

You can blog about work-related things (discussions you have with clients are always great thought-starters, although because my clients sometimes read my blog, I never use their real names or even real examples without protecting their names and organisation).

You can blog about cooking or fishing or breeds of cat.  I have a blog on

I also keep a private blog I keep to remember things I want to blog about!

You can use blogspot / blogger, although I left it 2016 because it was just not working any more. All but one of my blogs is now on wordpress. You can blog directly to a facebook group or page. You can publish a longer form post on linked as an “author”. You can probably use a ton of others, but don’t let choosing one stop you – the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have something.

Of course like anything, numbers don’t mean much. If your clients read your blog, then you’re ahead!

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