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Smarter change

Soft Skills for Technical Professionals

Data is the new black. Analytics is the future.

Research shows us that those with greater social (or soft) skills will be better paid, be promoted more and our experience tells us they’ll be better at finding out what the problem is so that they can solve it.

The technology professional, data analysts, researchers and insight manufacturers have the keys to the kingdom of marketing and business success.

Unfortunately they aren’t always as smart with people as they are with data. And if you want to leverage those insights, you’ll need to give them the skills to set and forget people, create relationships so their clients and business partners can more quickly say “but that’s just Jon” (or Dilip or Umair or Jen).

This program on how to make no feel like a yes has been successfully implemented with “clevers” in a major bank, and perfected over 8 years.

And here’s a list of other programs I have developed for and with my brilliant clients.

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