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Smarter change

Get a pro email address please!

Be a pro with your email address!

I am still astonished at the number of consultants I meet with a beautifully printed card, and an email address at hotmail or yahoo.

Firstly because it says to me their business is temporary.
Secondly because it says they are old-fashioned.
Thirdly because you can get a domain name for so little these days, you could have an email address @yourownname or @yourbusinessname with a few minutes work and less than $20.
At the very least get a gmail address, but only with your name (not [email protected]!!).
If you’ve had that hotmail address since you were 15 and you don’t want to change it, that’s fine: forward all the mail from the hotmail address to your gmail address (or domain address). These things can happen transparently.
So what’s your email address? What does it say about you and your brand?

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