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Expert qualifications

Cindy Tonkin’s educational qualifications and workplace experience are substantial. This page gives you information about Cindy’s work background. If you have any questions about Cindy’s suitability to work effectively with your executive team, please contact her
She is:

Cindy Tonkin

You can also read a chronology of Cindy’s experience below – when she worked where, and a list of Cindy’s corporate clients. If you have any questions about Cindy’s background, please contact her.

Constant learner

  • Graduate iO Theatre Chicago Summer Intensive 2008, 2011, 2016
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment and Training 2003
  • INLPTA Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner 1997
  • Internationally Certified NLP Trainer and NLP Master Trainer Candidate 2000
  • French Government Scholarship Holder for 1988-9 (One of 3 in Australia)
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors, Company Directors Course Diploma, UNE, 1994
  • Certified Management Consultant ( Institute of Management Consultants)
  • Masters in Linguistics, Université de Paris VIII, Paris, France, 1989
  • First Class BA (Hons), University of Sydney, 1986
  • Top 1% of State HSC, 1982, Dux of School, Tweed River High School
  • MBTI, DiSC and Brain map accredited
  • Enneagram, Graves / Spiral Dynamics literate

Experienced consultant, inspiring trainer and presenter

  • training NLP and NLP trainers in Europe and Australia, to people from 12 different countries
  • designing and delivering successful training workshops – in the challenging public environment, and in the corporate world. Topics range from Leadership to Influence to Productivity Improvement
  • building teams and corporate cultures
  • restructuring and setting direction
  • creating management systems and performance management systems
  • delivering projects on time and on budget
  • coaching executives for improved performance, smarter work habits and more elegant management and presentation styles
  • developing and mentoring internal consultants
  • improving productivity and measuring performance
  • training quality and project management
  • improving consultants’ lives through practical how-to books
  • transforming the consulting industry through public seminars and resources for consultants

Expert in process improvement and management systems

  • working consultatively with clients to reengineer work processes, install management reporting systems, and develop work measurement and planning systems, for in-house projects and outsourced contracts
  • assisting clients to deliver key project results on time and on budget with teams of all shapes, sizes and seniority levels
  • measuring the impact of changed work practices on product and service quality
  • conducting project feasibility studies
  • restructuring organisations.

Effective change process facilitator

  • designing and running leadership, Influence, Coaching and Productivity Improvement programs
  • designing and running workshops in client-handling skills. This includes outsourcing and project management, consulting skills and methodology, productivity and performance measurement and improvement, process reengineering, bench marking
  • teaching people to skills in influencing, leading, managing, communicating, dealing with personality styles and preferences, managing change, increasing customer loyalty, creating workplace peace
  • delivering training programs to guide participants to set and achieve goals, manage and lead people more effectively, recognise and implement best practice, streamline processes, use technology better, solve operating problems, thrive in difficult environments.

Challenging and supportive Executive Advisor

  • advising and coaching consultants, senior management teams, Chief Executives, and Managing Directors to enhance their management and consulting style, increase their effectiveness with individuals, and track, measure and understand organisational and professional improvement
  • following up on training sessions with 1 : 1 sessions in the workplace to ensure practical acceptance and application of skills taught in the classroom
  • using diagnostic tools and NLP skills to increase understanding and communication, create workplace peace and ensure acceptance of change programs
  • advising new consultants in professionalism, marketing, self-promotion, record keeping, business planning and performance management
  • advising and coaching consultants and managers for improved personal and professional effectiveness.

Author and Speaker

  • Author of the AIM bestseller, the Australian Consultant’s Guide and Consulting Mastery, both originally published by Allen and Unwin
  • Author of 6 other books for consultants, coaches and Neuro-Linguistic Programmers.
  • Experienced keynote speaker – topics include: The Ten Commandments for Novice Consultants; Helping Clients Make Faster Buying Decisions; Ethical Self-Promotion, People are like Porsches: how to harness their power

Discover some of Cindy’s corporate clients

A chronology

Here is a list of Cindy’s jobs since she graduated from Sydney University with a First Class Honours Degree in 1986. If you have any questions about Cindy’s background or suitability to work effectively with your executive team, please call Cindy on +61 412 135 426 or fill in the contact form on the top right hand side of this page!

Management Consultant, Trainer, Author

The Consultants’ Consultant and Aragon Gray Pty Ltd
(formerly Quality Achievers Pty Ltd), since November 1992

  • Designing and Delivering Change programs
  • Reengineering, restructuring, improving performance
  • Advising and Coaching Managers and their teams
  • Designing programs and Training Trainers to deliver them

Management Consultant – Productivity Improvement

GPR Management Services Pty Ltd January 1990 – October 1992

  • Coaching Senior Management teams in resource planning, workflow management, process improvement and performance measurement.
  • Developing and installing management operating systems to increase productivity and profitability.
  • Training small groups in productivity concepts.
  • Conducting training needs and project feasibility analyses.

Masters Study and English Teacher

Université de Paris VIII, Paris, France. September 1988 – December 1989

  • Teaching English to radiographers, property developers, importers and real estate agents
  • Studying at the Université de Paris VIII- Vincennes a St-Denis in Paris, France

Research Assistant in Linguistics University of Sydney, French Department

January 1988 – September 1988

  • PC database management and conversion, finding, reading, summarising relevant literature, data analysis.

Management Consultant Andersen Consulting

January 1987 – January 1988

  • Software design and development, business process analysis.

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