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I want to be a Consultant!

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I want to be a Consultant: define your personal plan for success in consulting, eliminate the things you don’t want to do. Get the pros and cons of it all.


I want to be a Consultant

Thinking about becoming a consultant? Already a consultant but wanting to set a clear direction and clarify what you’re doing? Then this is the book you need. It offers:

  • The upside of consulting
  • The downside of consulting
  • A quiz to see if you have what it takes
  • A checklist and questions to help you decide what you want from your business
  • A personal business plan format to help you define success

I want to be a consultant! Help me!

Each element is described step-by-step, with Cindy Tonkin’s classic stories from the real world of consulting. The Australian Consultant’s Guide was published in 1999 and sold more than 7000 copies. In 2014 the book was separated into a number of shorter e-books, so that you can buy just the parts you need. If you would like to buy all of the books, then purchase the Consultant’s  Guide Series. There is no hard copy of this book, although you can try borrowing the original hard copy from your local library (good luck!).

No of words: 17,724

No of pages: 58 + plus sample chapter + downloads to help you pull your Personal Business Plan together.

About the author, Cindy Tonkin.