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Developing and Expanding

Emory just subscribed to my newsletter. He asked how do I develop and expand my consultancy?

How do I develop and expand my consultancy

Here’s my reply:
I assume you’ve spent some time browsing my site, and have found my books and articles, including Making your consultancy a business not a jobMarket your Consultancy without cold calling and Eight (more) ways to market your consulting business.

Also try my blog posts under Marketing and Selling

In my experience if you get the marketing right then you can expand easily, and more to the point, you can afford to pay for advice on expanding! I would suggest that you look around you and see what the smart people with larger consultancies than yours are doing. If you’ve ever worked for a larger consultancy, then look back on the systems and procedures they had in place. If you haven’t, then consider finding a contract role with one, just to experience what they do that is different to what you do.

And of course get yourself a coach: Try Project Mazel.

So that’s my answer to Emory. Tell me what’s on your mind; I’d love to hear your question: either email me or reply to my next newsletter.

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