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Smarter change

The Consultant’s Guide makes you smarter

Since 1994, whenever I met, coached or worked with a consultant I’d ask them what their best advice and worst mistake was when they started out in consulting.

That information was summarised in my best-selling Consultant’s Guide, published by Business and Professional Publishing in 1999. Over 7000 Australian Consultants have begun their businesses using that advice since then (more if you count the number of people who still consult the original book in Public Libraries!).

People who bought the original guide send their wife, best friend or boss to get the newest version of the e-books because it worked. Get your copy to find out what you don’t even know you don’t know yet.

Who am I? I consult to blue-chip organisations like Commonwealth Bank, Toyota Finance and Telstra, working with teams of internal consultants, data analysts, trainers and coaches.

I draw on a history in consulting with Accenture and KPMG, a Masters in Linguistics from Paris, a First-Class Honours degree from Sydney University and a raft of post-university qualifications in diverse disciplines like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Improvisation. I run elite consultant coaching and training programs to inspire and inform.

I make data analytics teams work smarter, faster and “nicer“.

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