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Entrepreneur vs freelancer

I’ve been working at WeWork in Martin Place, Sydney for the past 6 months. I’ve also spent a fair bit of time in the past 10 years in training programs for entrepreneurs, freelancers and other small businesses. Many freelancers aren’t really entrepreneurs, they just like the sound of the word. Some small businesses are actually entrepreneurs.

So I loved these ideas from Seth Godin (in a podcast whose link broke: it will be somewhere in Akimbo).

Some quotes

Entrepreneurs find jobs for other people.  They get paid in their sleep. They build assets. They build something bigger than themselves. They often use someone else’s money to do that. Their job is to not do their job. Their job is to invent jobs for other people

The pain kicks in when the freelancer thinks she has to act like an entrepreneur, hire other people… And then when you get into a crunch… you hire the best available person who works the cheapest and you know who that is? You.  We hire ourselves… and we end up becoming frazzled

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