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Emotions at work

This excellent Adam Grant podcast looks at how we manage our emotions at work (and your colleagues’ and your customers’.

Related to his idea of Generosity Burnout, it’s worth a listen. He interviews John Lithgow and a call centre worker at Zappos who spent a whole day just chatting with a customer on the phone, as well as a high-pressured restaurant environment. and takes you inside the call center at Zappos and the hospitality philosophy of an acclaimed restauranteur.

He distinguishes surface and deep acting, the importance (or not) of scripts 

They talk about the importance of making the staff happy first then customers will follow, because when the team manages their emotions at work it’s easy for them to do what customers need.

They suggest a question to ask to get to know someone at work:

What’s the thing others misunderstand about you

And while we’re on the subject, here’s a little more about how to make your team feel psychologically safe.

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