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That damned elevator speech!

An elevator speech is famous for being the 30 second pitch you might give to someone in an elevator. Here are 7 different ways to derive your own elevator speech.

While it’s important to be clear on what you’re pitching (see my video on the curse of knowledge: you need to know what your one thing is!), I have been pitched things in the past in which I was not interested, over which I had no control, or just felt uncomfortable with (just talk to most uber drivers for a few minutes to get the feeling).

So here is an article telling you why an elevator pitch isn’t necessarily such a good idea. They ask:

why continue using a communication approach that alienates your prospects and has such a high failure rate?

The article goes on to explain what to do in your 30 second elevator ride (ask an excellently targeted question). They give some excellent examples. It’s worth a read.

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