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Smarter change

Keep your own performance file

Your work achievements lay the foundation for your advance. So make a performance file on yourself. No one else will do it.

Take the time to add the special or business-as-usual projects you undertake. Even note the times you smoothed the waters through good communication, when you helped a colleague get back on track, or fought a fire that make the team look good.

You can buy a little book, or just keep a Word or Evernote file on your computer or in your phone.

If you solve a problem that others have been complaining about, write it down.

When you complete a significant project, write it down.

Do it the same day. Time goes quickly, and we rarely remember what we did 6 months earlier.

Why is it important? I’ve learnt it myself. I’m in a entrepreneurs’ network that has a conference every 90 days. At each conference we set a plan for the next 90 days. On day 1 of the last conference we reported on our progress. I had total amnesia for what I’d done. I felt annoyed because I knew I’d worked quite hard, but could think of nothing to show for my 90 days. Three hours later at lunch, I remembered that I’d run a seminar in France, and published two articles and a book.

This is why you have to write down what you do. So you can remember. So when it comes to performance review time you’re not underestimating your talents or your efforts.
Keep a file. Keep it up to date. And use it when you get the chance to show your wares.

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