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Smarter change

You’re responsible for your own professional development

People who get ahead ensure they get the skills and develop the networks they need.

Sometimes work will pay. Sometimes work won’t. In the end, you are responsible for your own professional development.

Read, watch YouTube videos, enroll in a study program, a public course, or a postgrad degree. At your own expense if you have to.

Sure, ask work to pay for it, but you can afford it. That’s why you have a job.

The idea of a lifelong learner is not new: many infants and primary schools have it as their motto. But you need to take it to heart.

What have you learnt lately? What are you doing to update your degree, or get your degree? Are you watching reruns of Seinfeld and How I Met Your Mother, or are you making yourself a new career?

In his book Cognitive Surplus, Clay Shirky describes how 50 years ago the average person spent more than 40 hours a week watching TV. Now people who are moving ahead, gaining cognitive surplus, are spending time online, making websites, contributing to forums, networking.

What are you learning?

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